Limited Liability Company “Georgian Petroleum” was established and registered in Georgia in 2001 and is represented by Georgian capital.

Import of fuel-lubricant materials in Georgia, including their storage in fuel terminal and supply the aircrafts of various air Companies is the main duty of the company.

Our products are in compliance with requirements of International Standardization Organizations.

Georgian Petroleum operates in compliance with the active international standards JIG 1 and JIG 2, as well considers requests of GOST standards to ensure as much as possible high quality of product.

Filtration system installed at the company terminal is equipped with the modern filter-elements, what guarantees refueling of the aircraft with the safe fuel and corresponds to internationals requests (API 1581, 5th edition).

“Georgian Petroleum” is an independent Company and from the very beginning it has been developing step by step and enlarging its share on market.

The fuel terminal of “Georgian Petroleum” is located on the territory of Tbilisi International Airport on the ground of 1 hectare.

The reserve tanks of fuel products and special liquids; pump stations, filtration system, filling station, technical pipelines, parking area for fuel filling and other auto transport, fire and technical protection facilities, accredited test laboratory, administration and technical buildings are also located on the territory of the terminal.

The company holds it’s own auto park for aircraft refueling with fuel and with oil.

“Georgian Petroleum” also holds its own railway dead-end, which ensures the receipt of fuel products in accordance with active standards.

“Georgian Petroleum” is completed with high-qualified technical staff, who are regularly trained in accordance with modern international standards.
Highly experienced in aviation sphere, the management of “Georgian Petroleum” constantly takes care for developing and extension of the Company.

“Georgian Petroleum” tightly collaborates with many large companies that gains fame and huge experience to the Company.

Georgian Petroleum is a Strategic Partner of International Air Transport Association (IATA). More than 60 years IATA issues standards, according to what are operating all companies existing in air transport field. IATA Strategic partners programme is implemented since 1990 and unites 300 companies servicing air transport industry, who deserve trust and authority among the professionals.

The largest oil-processing companies of Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan are the principle providers and being tightly collaborating with them the Company provides undisturbed operating process.

High service level and meeting of customers’ interests demands provides worldwide acknowledgement and awards to the Company:

- 2005 - “Georgian Petroleum” was awarded with “Georgian Quality Mark”

- 2006 - Golden Medal for the Best Quality awarded by the Organization “International Quality Star”, Geneva, 2006

“Georgian Petroleum” tightly collaborates with various large air Companies and Corporations that provide regular audit of fuel terminal and it makes the relevant information to be available for all air companies and interested persons.