“Georgian Petroleum” offers following products:

- Jet fuel TS-1;
- Jet fuel JET A-1;


“Georgian Petroleum” provides its service during 24 hours at Tbilisi International Airport (TBS) for aircrafts of all types and modification with its own facilities and technical staff and is ready for uninterrupted supplying with any volume of fuel.

The Company offers constant prices during each calendar month. The prices defined by our Company are free from variation of oil prices at international market.

Storage of whole oil products is available in technically and technologically safety and clean reservoirs that are stored in dry buildings providing their safety and warranty period.

During the storage process, it’s constantly made the quality control and laboratorial check of the Jet fuel and lubricant materials.


The aircrafts are supplied with inspected and checked oil products confirmed with attached laboratory test documents, certificate of conformance and and control receipt, which notifies the airfield check results of the product, made by technician.

The test laboratory of fuel-lubricant materials makes inspection of oil products in compliance with their quality on different stages: receiving, storage and supply.

Technical condition of transport facilities, transporting the oil products, conformance of attached documents and readiness of reserve store houses are checked by the laboratory for determination of products quality according to International Quality Standards and issues corresponding test results resolution.


“Georgian Petroleum” offers refueling and technical maintenance of aircrafts with own technical facilities and technical staff including the following:

- Preparing of an aircraft for filling;

- Exploitation and control of filling facilities and

- Filling of an aircraft in accordance with the volume defined by the representative;

- Check and comparison of filled fuel quantity;

- Supervise the refueling process of the aircraft