15 December, 2008

“Georgian Petroleum” as a won company of an International tender and having positive results after the appropriate checking, with the help of its partner organization World Fuel Service, makes contract with the Department of Defense of US Government on the supply of their aircrafts with JET fuel exclusively at Tbilisi and Batumi International Airports.





15 December, 2008

“Georgian Petroleum” participates in tender announced by ARKIA-Israeli Airlines, after the checking and positive results, makes contract about the refueling their aircrafts with aviation fuel at Tbilisi International Airport.





15 November, 2008

“Georgian Petroleum” begins to serve Air Company “Sky Georgia” as at Tbilisi also at Batumi International Airports.




1 November, 2008

“Georgian Petroleum” concluded an agreement with one of the biggest air company in the world “British Airways” (BA Cargo), now to serve their cargo flights.




1 November, 2008

Another new, modern refueler was added to the technical park of Georgian Petroleum, for satisfying the growing demands on refueling from the air companies and to change Post-Soviet technique with the equipments of the modern standards, which is corresponding to standards of IATA and API.




1 September, 2008

“Georgian Petroleum” becomes the partner of newly formed air company “Euro Line” and supplies its aircrafts with an aviation fuel at Tbilisi and Batumi International Airports.




9 August, 2008

Despite the current situation in Georgia and announced “state of war”, “Georgian Petroleum“ continues its operations in the same continuous regime and offers its service to the customers during 24 hours, as at Tbilisi also at Batumi International Airports.




1 May, 2008

After checking corresponding to IFQP (IATA Fuel Quality Pool) standards and presented positive results “Georgian Petroleum” won the tender announced by “Turkish Airlines” and begins supplying its aircrafts with aviation fuel - including both regular and cargo flights.






1 May, 2008

“Georgian Petroleum” concluded the contract with the second largest air company of Russia “S7- Siberian Airline” about JET fuel supply at both Tbilisi and Batumi International Airports.





18 April, 2008

Additional capital investment was fulfilled in “Georgian Petroleum” and was made once more re-equipment corresponding to modern demands of IATA. Filtration system was changed, Reservoir Park was renewed, the fill stand was modernized and safety standards were improved. The main principle of the company - to lead novelties step by step and to inculcate them in the company is unchangeable.





1 April, 2008

“Georgian Petroleum” enlarges the territorial area of its service and from now offers customers supplying with fuel at Batumi International Airport. In newly reconstructed Airport of Batumi “Georgian Petroleum” will serve various air companies with the same high quality product and services as it is at Tbilisi International Airport.




27 March, 2008

Following the renewal of flights of Russian air companies in the direction of Georgia, “Georgian Petroleum” continues supply with fuel the largest Russian air carrier “Aeroflot- Russian Airlines” at Tbilisi International Airport.




4 January, 2008

“Georgian Petroleum” concluded the contract with the air company “Air Berlin” and from now our company will supply it with an aviation fuel at Tbilisi International Airport.





5 December, 2007

“Georgian Petroleum” has become a partner of cargo carriers for supply an aviation fuel and serves aircrafts such as AN-124 and AN-225 (MRIA).




1 October, 2007

The growth of demand on fuel supplying services of “Georgian Petroleum” has led to that the company bought another, brand new modern refueller, which fully meets international standards and requirements of IATA. Its Filtration system is corresponding to standards of – API 1581, 5th Addition.



1  September, 2007:
Georgian Petroleum becomes strategic partner of International Air Transport Association (IATA), that encourages being involved and participating in all current events and trends related to air industry developments.


1  April, 2007:
“Georgian Petroleum” has won in announced tender and concluded the contract with the one of the largest air carrier BMI (British Midland) on supply its aircrafts with an aviation fuel at Tbilisi International Airport.


1 March, 2007

“Georgian Petroleum” becomes the general partner of the “AFS Ground Handling” at Tbilisi International Airport and from now, all the major scheduled and cargo flights will be served with the joint work with them.


1 January, 2007

“Georgian Petroleum” concluded an agreement with the worlds biggest fuel supplier Company “World Fuel Services” and becomes its exclusive partner at Tbilisi International Airport on supply of regular, charter and cargo flights. Accordingly, till now Georgian Petroleum will accept Fuel Cards of “World Fuel Services” for refueling aircrafts.



November 1, 2006
“Georgian Petroleum” is the winner of tender for aircrafts fuel supply in Tbilisi International Airport (TBS) organized by Austrian Airlines.


October 30, 2006, Geneva
The Organization “International Quality Star” awards the Company “Georgian Petroleum” with the Golden Medal for the Best Quality.




October 1, 2006
“Georgian Petroleum” participates in President’s Employment Program and shares its experience with young generation.


September 1, 2006
Was concluded the contract on supply with jet fuel with Latvian Air Company “Air Baltic” that performs the air flights in 45 directions.




August 1, 2006
At the fuel terminal of “Georgian Petroleum” was installed new fuel tank, that was invoked by important increased request on service supplied by the Company. 


August 18, 2005
One more modern standards refueller was added to the auto park of the company.





July 8, 2005
The Foundation “Georgian Quality” awards the Company “Georgian Petroleum” with “Georgian Quality Mark”.



June 2, 2005
Was concluded the contract with the largest jet fuel supplying company “Air Total” according to which will be available mutual collaboration.




May 31, 2005
“Georgian Petroleum” won the tender according to which was concluded the contract with the leading air company “Lufthansa” on jet fuel service at Tbilisi International Airport.